HAVEN Stylist Team

Our team of dedicated stylists were selected based on their exceptional experience, unique taste, and eye for design and fit. Their product knowledge and vision are what sets them apart. Whether it's a seasonal update, special event, vacation, or wardrobe refresh, we have you covered.  If you see a stylist that resonates with you, DM them on Instagram or call us in either shop to get started. 




Boulder Stylist & Store Manager

Personal style: Laid back California vibe.

Favorite Boulder spot: The Kitchen

Style inspiration: Kelly Wearstler 

Favorite Instagram follow: @GOOP covers all the bases!

Next Travel Destination: Italy next April
What you're looking forward to most this year: visiting my kids in NY, Durango, and California.

Favorite HAVEN Designers: Hudson, Catherine Gee, Michelle Jonas, Marco Delli, SPRWMN. 

Instagram: @pam_havenofficial 





Cherry Creek Stylist & Store Manager

Personal style: Edgy, Classic, with a touch of Boho & Western.

Three style words for 2024: Creative, Edgy, & Modern.

Favorite Boulder/Denver restaurant: Uchi forever, and NaNa's DimSum.
Style inspiration: Matilda Djerf, Amina Muaddi, Nicole Richie, & Ella Rose.
Who you're loving on Instagram right now: Frachella, Aubrie Crivaro, & Indy Blue 4ever. 
Next Travel Destination: Scottsdale for my bestie's bachelorette, East Coast to see my pops, & then off to Utah this summer for adventure.
What you're looking forward to most this year: New experiences & memories with the humans I love most, and empowering women in the fitting room through personal styling. 
Favorite HAVEN Designers: Ooooh this is hard. Drawn to Michelle Jonas always, for the simple beauty it brings. YFB for the funk and functionality. AS by DF for their sexy, but classic, leather pieces and staples.

Instagram: @holly_havenofficial 



Denver Stylist

Personal style: Understated, quietly sexy with a touch of rock & roll. 

Three style words for 2024: Sleek, Confident, & Feminine 

Favorite Denver spot: Uchi

Style inspiration: A combination of Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde & Renee Russo in Thomas Crown Affair, as well as Bianca Jagger, Carine Roitfeld, Chiara Biasi. 
Favorite Instagram follows:
  • @mason_sita
  • @sustainable_architecture
  • @eyeswoon
  • @hauserwirth
  • @april_in_la
    Next Travel Destination: Greece, Croatia 
    What you're looking forward to most this year: Spending time with my friends and family & celebrating with friends in Greece this summer. 

    Favorite HAVEN Designers:
    Marco Delli
    Michelle Jonas 
    Catherine Gee 
    Haven Vintage Furniture 

    Instagram: @amy_havenofficial




    Personal style:  Timeless but keep it sexy. 

    Favorite Boulder/Denver spot: Corrida in Boulder, Wildflower, Alma, Kumoya in Denver

    Style inspiration: YSL, Jenna Lyons always

    Who you're loving on Instagram right now: @castorfeuriste

    Next Travel Destination:  My husband is a MEGA Rolling Stones fan and we are going to follow the band around the North America this spring and summer: New Orleans > NYC > Vancouver > LA
    What you're looking forward to most this year:  Our daughter's wedding at our ranch this fall!

    Favorite HAVEN Designers, how do they embody your personality/personal style? Michelle Jonas, Catherine Gee, SPRWMN.  Michelle Jonas cuts so beautifully and works primarily in washable silks.  Her signature silk jogger is a staple in my wardrobe; I’m wearing them with strappy sandals, sneakers, flip flops.  Catherine’s pull over Daria blouse is perfect for all body types; throw one on and your are instantly pulled together. Her muse is Mick Jagger, and her prints and dye colors are all original. It’s a very sophisticated pop of rock and roll in your wardrobe. SPRWMN (pronounced Superwoman) gives me all the feels; effortless glamour is their thing and I cannot relate more.  Their crop flare leather leggings come in the most fun colors and are incredibly versatile and flattering.