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What's Good: The Ridgway Edition

My husband, Gerry, and I have been dreaming about Ridgway since we first passed through on our way to Telluride in the early 2000s.  We've wanted a place for our family and friends to have big outside adventures and gather around a huge table at night to tell the tales of the day. It all came together this past fall for us and we closed on our ranch in October.  Inevitably, there is a ton of work to do but it's been a joyful process.  We are learning so much, exploring the area, googling things like "what does a mountain lion sound like? (bird-like chirps; it's how they communicate with each other) "how many alpaca can you have per acre?" "how do you over-winter bees?"

Needless to say, I've been focused on all things mountain and cozy home vibes.  The main house is a log cabin that we are trying to make less upscale Cracker Barrel and more sexy hygge life. It will take a minute but we've been loving every second.

We got to spend a good chunk of time there between Christmas and New Years, hosting family and friends, enjoying epic sunsets, long meals, slow mornings, and endless trips to the hardware store. 

We are already dreaming of spring, making plans for our gardens, alpacas, lamas, bees, and maybe a cow friend or two.  In the meantime, we want to play in the snow, make all the dinners, hang with our people, all in the hopes of slowing down time just a little bit. 

It's been a sharp contrast to our city life but walking into the shops after a few days away fills me up like never before.  I hope to see you soon in Boulder or Cherry Creek or on the western slope if we are lucky enough.

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