What's Good.

February 2024

1. I mean, how could I not put this Radiant Diamond Heart Necklace first on Valentine's Day? 

2. These beautiful new Mamo glasses serve as the perfect vessel for an extra dirty martini or pistachio ice cream after a long day. Pick your poison. 
3. New to the shop are these incredible Far West Robes, created by small batch artisan weaving co-ops in India dedicated to preserving and promoting indigenous weaving and dyeing techniques. Hint, hint @ my bridesmaids. 

4. We sat at the bar at Corrida last Saturday and their new steelhead dish changed my life.  

5. If you've been following us for a while, you know I love a bougie grocery item more than most things. These infused olive oils are delicious AND I love the packaging! 
6. Like snowflakes or fingerprints, no two pairs of these Kilim House Slippers are alike.
7. IDK if there is anything more badass than our friend Julie wearing the Marco Delli Flash Boots to her wedding. Now back in stock!
8. This new Maiami mohair cardi is the perfect weight for spring and the perfect color to go with any and everything in your wardrobe. 
9. This Valentine's Day, get what you really want (which is obviously this silk and chain bracelet from Marie Laure Chamorel) 
10. Back by popular demand: our most sought after Think Royln fanny pack in classic black patent. 
11. A black and white dress with FRINGE? Sign me up. The Frida dress by Ramy Brook is the perfect addition to your spring/summer dress lineup.

January 2024

1. Black velvet is always a good idea. Pair it with this handmade leather and beaded necklace on your next date night to Kumoya.

2. I don’t know where I’m going yet but I’m going in this dress
3. A little sporty, a little spicy, this unexpected silhouette gives you legs for miles. Pair them with something fitted on top.

4. A pencil skirt is eternal; this one in soft, recycled leather will be a wardrobe staple for years. Pair it with these (surprisingly light) tall boots and this bag for the office; switch into some stilettos and remove the black bag straps for night! 

5. Snakes are a symbol of rebirth and wisdom and drinking my coffee from this handmade beauty feels apropos. 

6. It’s never too early to be planning spring looks. The cutout keeps this linen blazer fresh

Holidays 2023

October 2023

Fall is our favorite time of year for fashion, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many options, new trends at every turn, and such weird weather. How do you dress in a way that reflects your personal style? Lately, I've been diving into Allison Bornstein's book, Wear It Well, which I highly recommend to anyone looking to refine their personal style and find joy in getting dressed.

Bornstein uses her coined Three Word Method to help guide our styling choices, and also to confirm our instincts about our own personal expression. It's especially helpful to help curate your closet in a way that makes you feel confident and like yourself. The formula is as follows:

- Word one: your regulars / your comfort zone
- Word two: something aspirational, guiding you towards your future
- Word three: emotional, how you want to feel in your clothes

This is obviously a very distilled version of Bornstein's method, but as someone who styles people regularly, it serves as an incredibly useful tool to determine a baseline for everything from building a wardrobe to shopping for a new season or special event. I encourage you to try identifying your three words as a fun learning exercise. A reminder - it's meant to serve as an evolving reference point rather than a hard and fast rule.  

The HAVEN team has chosen some of our favorite picks for fall, accompanied by our own three words of the moment. We'd love to know what yours are, and are here to help if you with all your styling needs. Come see us in the shops / text / dm / email us as you identify them! xx 


September 2023


My fall is packed with all the things: Spring 24 market in NYC, hosting (and officiating!) our friend’s wedding at the ranch, CU football games, cozy dinner parties at our home in Denver, Allie’s best friend’s wedding on the Cape, and my best friend’s big birthday celebration in Sarasota. I have a very full plate and a very full heart, looking forward to seeing so many people, catching up, getting in those big hugs and even bigger laughs. Our Cherry Creek shop manager recently put on our street sign: Being alive is the special occasion. I couldn’t agree more. 

1. This ring is a rock star. 

2. With warms notes of wood and vinyl, this candle reminds me of happy, lazy weekend afternoons hanging in record shops with my guy.

3. I love planning special meals for my friends and setting a simple but lush table. These warm, amber candlesticks set the mood.  
4. This is my go-to work/carry on bag and I hope Fiona never stops making the Bantham! I love that you can adjust the size/shape with the side zips so it feels fresh. Camel, black and a pop of royal blue, you can wear it with just about any shoe. 

5. Glamorous attire is the theme for my BFF’s birthday party. CHECK. 

6. This soft, washed Italian leather jacket makes be feel part Mick Jagger part Mario Andretti.

7. Imagine your favorite, most perfect black tank and make it leather.   

8. These boots, skinny jeans (YES, I still love) and either a silk blouse or a big cashmere sweater will be my uniform most days from now until the end of March next year.

9. This is the blazer of my fall dreams (the oversized leather patches!)

10. Holding on tight to that faint summer glow with my dry brush routine and this magic.

August 2023



1. According to Leela Grace, wearing tourmaline promotes open-mindedness, creativity, and healing. This indicolite blue tourmaline necklace on a delicate chain is one of my favorites from our early fall jewelry collection. 

2. I don't typically gravitate towards wearing patterns, but I've been reaching for this easy linen dress SO often over these last few weeks. It's feminine, lightweight, and easily dressed up or down. 

3. The perfect combo - a Panama straw hat with a western fit. This new Paxton packable straw hat by Janessa Leone is an easy accessory to transition from summer to fall. Cute at the beach OR at a football game. 

4. A chic, perfectly sized wallet for all the essentials. I like to go for a bright color to find it easily at the bottom of my black hole of a bag.

5. I'm absolutely freaking out about this Maiami sweater coat - the color is even more beautiful in person. Wear it now with a denim mini skirt and slides for cool summer evenings, and later with tall boots and your favorite Missioni scarf. 

6. This all natural Flamingo Estate hand soap is full of fatty acids, antioxidants, and essential oils to prevent drying after use. Plus, it smells like heaven. 

7. New!! Sunglasses!! My mom found this brand during her travels and we are all obsessed. Check out all the styles - there are some for every face shape! 

8. The Annette Cami is a beautiful length and color - great for pairing back to denim or under a blazer. 

9. I love a fall refresh as much as the next girl, and this beautiful cactus silk pillow is just the ticket for fresh pop of color in your space. 

10. By the time you're reading this, there's a good chance that these cashmere bandanas are sold out. They're that good. Get one while you can!

11. Speaking of black hole bags, this Canvas Tote by Kempton is my new fall fixation - perfect for a laptop, notebook, headphones, and that new wallet.

12. An edgy twist on a classic nest ring, this beauty is made with black diamonds and yellow 14k gold. Size 7.


July 2023



1. This turquoise elongated heart charm is the ultimate head turner. 

2. As much as I am a summer baby, I have to admit that this heat has me looking forward to all of the cozy fall things. This lavender ombre pillow is the perfect transition piece for your space. 

3. I’m loving all of my precious mountain time and also burning this candle because the heart wants what it wants. 

4. Please see #9. 

5. I recreated these lobster tostadas from a dish I had at Saint Julivert Fisherie while visiting our son in Brooklyn and, dare I say, these are way better than any lobster roll I’ve ever had. DM me or respond to this email for the recipe.  

6. Sicily is on my hit list for next year and this book is giving me all the feels. 

7. You can only be happy when drinking from these ombre glasses

8. I always lean towards more masculine, woody profiles but this is my one exception

9. I’m wearing this easy dress with these shoes and this clutch (#11) next year in Sicily, of course, and also to a rehearsal dinner (or two) in the early fall on Cape Cod.

10. This super sexy, smoky, antiqued mirror is the perfect foil to the rustic, woodiness of our log cabin.



June 2023 


1. Is there anything better than turquoise jewelry paired with a tan? We'd need the sun to come out for that to happen, but I'm willing it to so someone can rock these gorgeous Leela Grace Jewelry earrings.

2. An ultra chic gray leather bag to go with your white denim/white linen button down/fun sandal uniform of the summer.

3. There is one more of this perfect-for-the-Italian-coast blue striped Penelope shirt left, size P. Someone please get it before I do!

4. I've been excited for these platform sandals to come in since we first saw them at market in New York. Each pair is handcrafted in Spain by talented artisans. I love them styled with a simple monochromatic linen outfit.

5. Our newest Lola James Harper candle, Beach House, really does smell like a sunshine filled room with the windows open by the ocean.

6. The Doris Dress is the perfect wedding guest dress. It comes in two different styles - this beautiful magenta, and a tortoise shell print.

7. Catch me making fresh cocktails in this stunning resin pitcher, made in Mexico City, all summer long.

8. New! Mongolian! Pillows! These beauties just dropped into both shops, and I'm obsessed with these new colors, especially the Watermelon Lumbar Pillow.

9. As that sunshine rolls in and stays for a while, you're going to need a (packable)straw Janessa Leone hat. This oversized Harlow style is my favorite!

10. These negroni glasses are a classic, but I'm partial to serving espresso in them over cocktails. Whatever you decide, they're beautiful and the perfect size.

May 2023

1. Equal parts elegant, grounded, and glamorous; she'll rock these earrings with a white tank and jeans as easily as to a black tie event!

2. The perfect life and travel companion. Its rugged, elegant, and never complains.

3. She deserves a little luxury. The softest, chicest blanket that works with just about any decor.

4. Speaking of luxury, this body oil smells like heaven and gives a dewy glow.

5. The perfect companion for entertaining or tablescaping.

6. Sleeping on a silk pillow case is pretty much non-negotiable. Silk won’t absorb all of your expensive face oils and lotions AND your blow out will thank you.

7. She can handle all of the action: hiking, biking, and still look good all around the city.

8. Such a fun, timeless way to add a pop of color to any look (and the price will SHOCK you!)

9. She can wear it anywhere a denim jacket would go but make it rock and roll.

10. I'm all about bougie pantry goods and I think we’ve curated some of the best.

April 2023


1. Spring is here, y'all. I've been deep cleaning my curtains and rugs, adding linen sheets into the rotation, and using pops of color to brighten things up around the house. This cactus silk pillow is the perfect touch of green.  
2. Per all of your suggestions, I got my first spray tan in a LONG time last week at Sinless Sun in Cherry Creek. As it fades, I'll be using this locally made, all natural scrub to get my legs ready for the warmth in the forecast next week. 
3. This oversized mohair cardigan is perfect for breezy evenings and also kind of makes me want mint chocolate chip ice cream. I love that you can wear it with or without the belt.
4. Double diamond hoops are the ultimate jewelry wardrobe staple, right? Did I justify it? 
5. Platform Beek sandals with extra buttery leather are the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. Find these in my suitcase on every trip from now on. 
6. The perfect everyday tote that doesn't sacrifice elegance for functionality. 
7. I recently wore this Smythe sequin top and skirt set to a friend's wedding in New Orleans and not only was it a total hit, it was also SO comfortable. I'm excited to wear the top with denim and the skirt with a white tee to dress it down.
8. This California olive oil is insanely delicious. Gift it to your next host or for Easter to your favorite in-law. 
9. These mouth-blown Moroccan glasses are perfect for an iced tea on the patio or an Atost cocktail. 
10. I'm obsessed with these new metallic green strappy sandals from Toral. I'd wear them with white jeans, a black slip skirt and a tee, or as a wedding guest in the spring or summer.

11. Last but not least, the perfect ribbed tee shirt. I get sad every time this is in the wash because I always want to wear it. Comes in black and chai.

We hope to see you in the shops soon! Catch me in Boulder every Monday and Denver every Tuesday/Thursday this month. XO


March 2023


1. Wear this easy wrap dress with cowboy boots + a leather jacket; Later with sandals and sunnies.

2. Layer this mohair coat over a thin sweater with leggings and tall boots; Later with a white tank and shorts later to turn heads at all the mountain concerts!

3. Pair these super fresh jeans with booties and a cashmere sweater while there is still a chill in the air; kitten heels and silk cami all summer long.  

4. Springy in spirit but still so cozy, this sweet bag from Argentinian designer Diego Binetti brings a little whimsy to your look.

5. Add this cashmere bandana for a pop of color complete ANY of these looks. 

6 There is always that one piece that you reach for when you travel; We predict this silk tee will be it.  Pair it with a slim skirt, layer under a blazer, French tuck into denim, the drawstring details give it enough interest to elevate even the simplest looks. 

7. These platform sneakers go with EVERYTHING leggings and a giant sweater to this skirt and a tee, leather joggers and so on and so on. 

8. Now, later, always; your daily reminder to always be raising the bar.

9. And leveling up your barware collection

10. While I’m not in full on changing over the house mode YET, this electric shade of yellow is giving me all the spring feels.


February 2023


 1. The combo of warm amber, tortoise shell, and the silver frame of these new Pared sunglasses hits all the notes. (M)

2. These epic gold linen pants are such an incredible staple piece for your wardrobe - I promise you'll be reaching for them even more than you think. (A)

3. This magical 14k gold & bullseye tourmaline ring holds an ultra rare form of the stone, used to encourage self-confidence, promote understanding and provide insight into conflicts. It's currently 50% off and a steal at $600. (A)

4. Notes of wood, rum, and laughter; burn this with friends and good conversation. (M)

5. She’s going out on date night, under a blazer at the office, and with crisp white linen pants in Sardinia. (M)

6. I've been curling up in my living room a little extra lately, and this baby alpaca blanket is making everything extra cozy AND cool. (A)

7. The most delicate blown glass candle sticks add a pop of color for you late winter table with a shocking price tag. (M)

8. I love that you can wear this as a jacket, over a dress, or a simple tank. The bold, substantial hardware makes it earn a place in your forever wardrobe.(M)

9. This new color combo of our favorite handmade Flash boots is EVERYTHING. Because life is about celebrating and pushing the limits. (A)

10. I've been thirsting after a pair of these Cotton Citizen jeans since March of last year, and they're finally here. The booty pocket is my favorite detail. (A)


 December 2022


1. This Diaspore Heart & 14k Gold Necklace grew naturally like this and is pretty magical. It shifts colors in different lights, ranging from a warm caramel to a deeper brown. 
2. Colorado based Animal Handmade leather goods are always on my favorites list, but this Deep Diver Wallet takes the cake. Manifesting some infinite health & wealth in 2023 with this one. 
3. It's been a big wine year for me & I plan on ringing in the new year with these Amber Smoke Estelle Stems in tow. I particularly love the warmth of these glasses. 
4. There's nothing more cozy than lighting this candle and watching a holiday movie with your friends or family. I hope you are all experiencing some form of R&R and slowness this week!
5. This gorgeous Maiami Gradient Fade Sweater has just the right amount of subtle color for me - it's celebratory while still being classic. 
6. I'm making this Alison Roman quick focaccia this week and drowning it in our Graza olive oil, which we can barely keep in stock!
7. SPRWMN was one of my favorite new additions to the Haven lineup this year, and these Cognac Leather Ankle Leggings are the sexiest IMO. 
8. This whole outfit for NYE. The end. The Sweetheart Bodysuit is available now, and the pants arrive this week. Respond to this email if you want to be notified when they come in. 
9. New to our collection of Pendleton products are these beautiful leather wrapped wool blankets. They're perfect for a couch, foot of a bed, or a picnic or outdoor concert when the seasons change. 
10. These were the most loved boots of our Marco Delli trunk show, and for good reason. We brought these handmade Italian beauties back in two colors, sky blue and kiwi green. Good luck choosing! 


November 2022


Why fit in when you are meant to stand out? Here are all the things on my wish list this holiday season:

1. The Cleopatra Necklace - just the right amount of bling.
2. Bond girl on the western slope.
3. Nesting is one thing, a super sexy home is another.
4. Jill says I need these. I’m not protesting.
5. The easiest, flirtiest pants/pjs you’ll ever wear in public.
6. Who doesn’t need an emotional support bag?
7. The best reason to rip your clothes off after work.
8. I put a flame to my Joan Jett kohl eyeliner for all of the late 80’s/this jacket is the vibe/IYKYK
9. I want to go somewhere warm with you.
10. I love smoky tequila with notes of warmth and vanilla and these are the vessels.


October 2022



1. I'm all about a layered jewelry look, and this Paros Bar Necklace by Zofia Day is the perfect everyday piece. 
2. These coated Barbara Boot Cut coated jeans are what I'm reaching for all fall and winter long. Pair them with an oversized sweater and sneakers or a blouse and sexy pointed toe boots. 
3. You can verify this with my mom - when these came out of the box, I hugged them. I'm obsessed. Catch me wearing these Toral boots all over Sonoma for my 30th birthday next weekend. 
4. We had date night at Brasserie Brixton last week, which never ceases to disappoint. I especially love it on cozy nights when the weather turns. Get the mussels! 
5. Hosting season is upon us, and this Alta Resin Centerpiece is a knockout. Give it as a gift, or place it in the middle of your table at Thanksgiving and listen as the compliments roll in. Plus, it’s handmande in Mexico by local artisans. 
6. I bought this Clayton Moto Jacket last season and I wear it ALL the time. This season, they've improved the hardware so it zips instead of clasps. It's better than ever. 
7. These earrings + every holiday party ever. Done! 
8. This Agnes Ombre Dress came in yesterday and it's pretty magical. Pair it with strappy heels and the aforementioned earrings and you'll be the talk of every party in the best way. Don't give me the "I have nowhere to wear that" BS - throw a sweater over it with tall boots to dress it down. Life is not a dress rehearsal! 
9. This Flamingo Estate Rosemary Candle is getting me in the holiday spirit. It's fresh, all natural, and also a great host/ess gift. 
10. These epic Cashmere Bandanas are nearly sold out, but we have more on the way. Not seeing a color you love? Drop us a line and we'll hook you up.

11. Hard to save the best for last when everything is your favorite, but these Isolde Boots are AMAZING. Super chic, Italian leather lace up boots with shearling lining. The best part? They have retractable micro-spikes for those icy dog walks or treks to work. 


September 2022

1. This perfectly-sized bag holds all the things and looks as chic in the mountains as it does in the city. 

2. These flared suede pants give you legs for days and make you feel like a superwoman.

3. We received a similar set of these dual texture bronze bowls as a wedding gift nearly three decades ago and they are as enduring and unexpected now as they were then. 

4. These show-stopping sapphire and diamond climbers will turn heads.

5. Nothing feels more modern and fresh to me right now than this recycled leather jacket. 

6. I want to do all my house puttering and dog walking in these. 

7. This handmade clutch is wild at heart.

8. Last fall and winter I wore the lighter tan version of these almost daily which I would happily do again BUT I’m loving these boots in this darker hue!

9. Simple, slinky silk navy top to wear with leggings, denim, or under a blazer. 

10. I want my house to always smell subtly so good and this is my secret weapon. 


August 2022

1. Might as well start off with a bang, right? This stunner from Leela Grace Jewelry is has 1.2ct diamonds with a gorgeous blue tanzanite at the center. Apparently, tanzanite is a rare gemstone that helps kick old habits and manifest our powers for a higher good. Sign me up. 
2. The Daria shirt by Catherine Gee is a staple at the shops, and for good reason. It's all about the details - it has a single button to avoid pulling and elongated cuffs for an extra polished look. 
3. Ooh baby. These boots are new today and won't last long. Get 'em while you can.
4. Bookends already feel like a very sophisticated and adult purchase (or gift!), but these hand-carved Mexican travertine bookends really take it to the next level. 
5. I love all the Assouline coffee table books, but this Ibiza Bohemia book has been calling to me lately. Written and photographed by women, it explores the Mediterranean hotspot where artists, musicians, and travelers alike flock to explore and reinvent themselves. The photos and writing are EPIC and make me want to brave an international airport again.
6. They're back. Don't wait!! 
7. If you're new here, you might not yet know that my mom and I are obsessed with bougie groceries. This herb marinated goat cheese is everything I want on a summer salad, with watermelon, on a charcuterie board, you name it. I get mine at Locavore in Denver
8. New from Estelle Colored Glass are these beautiful champagne flutes. These glasses feel extra celebratory - whether it's a wedding gift or at the end of a long work day - bubbly is always a good idea! 
9. Designer Stephanie Larrowe of Totem Salvaged uses 100% reclaimed materials for her pieces, turning remnant leather into badass works of art instead of sending it to the landfill. This snake tote is my latest Totem crush.  
10. The Birdie personal safety alarm is a lightweight keychain alarm with a LOUD (130db) siren and strobe light to help deter an attack. Perfect for going out on the town, on the trail, on campus, anywhere alone or at night. As a mother-daughter team, these really struck a chord with us and we're so happy to be carrying them in both shops.

11. Tell me about it, stud. <3 This Bita Leather Jacket by Mauritius has matte black details that really take it up a notch. It's an amazing price point for 100% real leather(never "vegan") and will last you forever.

12. New! Mongolian! Pillows! I am loving this mustard pillow right now, which adds a little warmth for fall and pairs well with neutrals or blues. 


August 2022



1. As much as I’ve been loving all the travel this summer, I’m feeling the pull back to nesting and entertaining. ALL of the pieces from CDMX designer, Monica Calderon, are sexy and sculptural and, no doubt, have a place at the table. 
2. I love to burn this in my courtyard before guests arrive to lightly scent the air with notes of salt and amber.
3. A gift from my BFF who knows that bougie groceries are the way to my heart. These nut/spice mixes go on everything from burrata to salad to yogurt.
4. This hair oil with notes of Palo Santo saves my ends in the dry, dry Colorado air and keeps things under control when I travel to humid climates. And OMG the smell. 

5. This book shelf is all style and substance and works with any vibe.
6. Channeling Mick Jagger and hosting all the dinner parties.
7. If anyone is looking for ideas for my birthday, this Leo would be very happy wearing a sunset daily.
8. Ditto on the yellow leather jacket that’s all sunshine and happiness.
9. Handmade from the softest leather, this snake clutch fits the holy trinity: phone, lipgloss, and a wallet.
10. LOVE love these colors for now and into fall

July 2022

1. This stunning, ultra-rare green tourmaline has a naturally occurring pink gradient that fades into green. In person, this gemstone creates rainbows when hit by the light. Made locally by our favorite Jennifer Newton.
2. These new Culotte Pants by SPRWMN have a wide and slightly cropped fit for a more modern take on the trouser silhouette. I love them with a narrow rib tank from Monrow and a pair of sneakers.
3. The Greek Islands have been high on my travel wish list for as long as I can remember. This epic new Assouline coffee table book has reawakened my desire to go in a big way.
4. These hand-carved marble candle holders from CDMX are the perfect combination of sculptural and functional. 
5. The Ryder Hat from Janessa Leone is a triple threat - it has UV protection, it's packable, and is super chic. 
6. This is the one product I've used consistently since my mom opened HAVEN years ago. It completely changed my skin for the better. If you're in the market for a new, 100% clean, reasonably priced Vitamin C serum, this is it. 
7. The perfect end/side table. I love that it looks different from every angle.
8. My brother recently went surfing in Mexico and took some stunning film photos. We are ordering some large-format versions of these, but if you'd like to see more or special order a particular size, reply to this email.
9. Colorado made, hand designed with the highest quality materials. These Animal Handmade clutches are epic and last forever. My favorite design is called Night Safari
10. This mini dress from Wear Cisco just arrived and I'm obsessed. You can button it so it's asymmetrical (pictured) or wear it like a regular shirt dress. 

11. This gorgeous and sustainable 12" x 20" linen lumbar pillow is stonewashed so it's soft from day one.

12. The newest drop from P448 is here and these are my favorite high tops of theirs to date. They have a super subtle metallic pop and are easily carried into late summer and fall.

June 2022

1. The pop of acid green and just-right kitten heel of these Toral shoes easily pair with more than you would think.

2. Wear with sandals by day, strappy heels at night. This romper is one of the easiest pieces for all the summer things. 

3. This candle transports me to a long ago, beautiful memory that I have never been able to shake. Lemons, heat, and some magic.

4. I love this quote from Steinbeck on Positano. It’s so true. 'Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.'

5. These placemats will be my summer tablescape thing.

6. We just opened our home store in Cherry Creek and this is one sexy credenza

7. If summer were a necklace. Watermelon Tourmaline Sugar High
8. The Gretta dress. It’s elegant, easy, and has POCKETS.


9. Child Perfume is a cult fave and I understand why. It warms on your skin and smells like sun and salt. 

10. It’s a belt/bum bag, it’s a crossbody, and holds everything you need for your daily adventures.

11. This brings some heat to an otherwise neutral room.

May 2022

1. An easy everyday piece from one of my favorite Australian designers, Temple of the Sun. Their jewelry is so effortless, especially for summer. 
2. This dress + you on the dance floor of the next wedding you go to. The end. 
3. I'll be reaching for these Beek Gallito slides all season long. Black feels like the obvious choice for me, but we also have tan, tangerine, and yellow. 
4. I made this green shakshuka from NY Times Cooking this Sunday and it did NOT disappoint. 
5. These Lola James Harper candles last forever ever and make me so happy. My latest favorite is Music Studio. 
6. New to HAVEN this month are these Italian leather belts with just the perfect touch of western flare. 
7. I'm writing this newsletter while wearing these Hudson flares. If that's not enough of an endorsement, I don't know what is. 
8. These Leela Grace hoops are made up of intricately woven 14k gold wire. They are SO stunning and classic.
9. Back in the shop this week are these gorgeous, locally made embossed leather clutches, wallets, and bags. Hard to pick a favorite, but this is mine for now
10. I love this Tara Jarmon white top to pair with all of my loud, wide leg, and printed pants this summer. Pairs best with dry rosé and a good time.

April 2022
1. This pillow only has me looking on the bright side.
2. Flattering, powerful, easy liquid gold dress from AS by DF.
3. THIS COLOR and comfort. Beek's molded foot beds are a thing for someone who is on their feet all day.
4. The Proper Hotel in Austin - Thoughtful, inspiring Kelly Wearstler design, the best workout room of any hotel (yes, this matters to me), secret(ish) speakeasy, and all the wood fired oven pita you can eat.
5. This pencil skirt from Italian designer, Beatrice B. has all the warm and sunny vacation vibes and can be dressed up, down and layered.
6. Classic coupes in the most unexpected way, these glasses are like jewels for your table. Made by artisans in Poland.
7. It’s always sunny with these sunnies.
8. I can’t believe how often I’m reaching for this lock necklace from Paula Rosen. Wearing with a charm or without and now I’m thinking that I might want another color…
9. This bathing suit from Solid & Striped lifts, shapes, and doubles as a body suit.
10. Effortlessly chic and easy. I love that these pants can be paired with a tank or the most structured blouse for all the looks.

11. My answer to when someone asks me why my skin looks so good.
March 2022

1. Ditch your hankering for a pair of Gucci slides. These are all you need. Handmade in Italy, super badass slides with just a touch of western flare. 

2. I will always splurge for high-quality, vegetal-dyed, and preferably recycled leather over the vegan (plastic - polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride) alternative. It's better for the environment, lasts longer, and breathes better on your body. Plus, these SPRWMN crop flare leggings are insanely flattering on nearly every body type and will last you a lifetime. 


3. This ultra-70s Lennox Onyx Ring by Miansai is an easy everyday piece or gift. At $175, this gold vermeil piece is the longest-lasting alternative to solid gold, for a fraction of the price.

4. I've been loving all the bright colors this spring has to offer, especially yellow and kelly green. This cactus silk pillow is the perfect pop to add to your couch or favorite chair without doing a giant house refresh. 

5. I recently skied Jackson for the first time and it was so, so much fun. We ate at Glorietta based on a recommendation from a friend (thanks Lance!), and it did NOT disappoint. I'll be dreaming about the Cavatelli Glorietta maybe forever. 

6. Don't sleep on this Rough Night bag by Kempton. It's the perfect shape - it fits your laptop or iPad and it never turns into a black hole. 

7. Halle Berry owns this dress. Enough said. 

8. I always gravitate towards deep blues in my jewelry, and this Blue Diamond Evil Eye Necklace is no exception. Wear it to keep all the BS at bay. 

9. I dare you to sip champagne from these yellow coups and be sad. Double dog dare you, actually. 

10. These Sapphire and Diamond Climber Earrings by Leela Grace are sure to be a showstopper no matter what the occasion. Made locally by our friend and favorite Jennifer Newton.

11. I wore these smiley pants one day at LA Market this week and my mom and I kept a running tally of all the compliments I got. We lost count. They are happy, different, and upcycled! All of my favorite things.


February 2022


1. These labradorite and diamond earrings have all the tones that I’m loving for spring and make me want to book trips EVERYWHERE.

2. This super roomy Kempton tote in going on a lot of trips with me this spring.

3. New this week - the Mona Linen Boyfriend Blazer. I’m wearing this over a collared shirt, a white tank, a silky neon cami...I’m obsessed with the boxy shoulders and belted waist.

4. These bespoke boots have my heart.

5. If you haven’t been to Nurture in Denver, I suggest you make an afternoon of it and book yourself a massage, some time in the infrared sauna, and eat everything on their menu (dosas!) which just keeps getting better and better.

6. Speaking of trips, my husband and I just celebrated our anniversary at this gem in Palm Springs and could not have been happier.

7. These faded black jeans with just the right amount of distressing have the old school Hudson back pocket and I’m not sad about it.

8. This Peruvian shearling floor pillow is bringing all the cozy vibes in the perfect shade of camel to warm up any space.

9. The most comfortable FreeCity sweats around in the perfect pop of color for spring.

10. These hand blown fuchsia coupes make everything a little more festive. Cheers!

January 2022


1. Not only does this Roma Heirloom candle actually smell like tomato garden heaven (and my grandpa's hands), Flamingo Estate is dedicated to regenerative farming practices, which promotes a healthier, more natural ecosystem, and fights global warming by putting carbon back into the soil. Sold.

2. Wildflower in Denver's LoHi neighborhood is one of my new favorite restaurants. Inspired by the traditions of neighborhood's original Mexican and Italian settlers, this place celebrates some of the best flavors the West has to offer. I'm still dreaming about the Colorado steak with verde mole - get it while you can, because the menu is seasonal!

3. I love to mix rich colors and textures in my house, and these Demetria Chappo Spirit Eye Cups bring me so much joy. Each piece is hand-thrown and painted in Brooklyn.

4. This Janessa Leone Alara Hat is the perfect transitional piece, I especially love the leather band and menswear vibe. Each Janessa hat is handcrafted in the United States, which you'll find is a common theme in my favorite things. I'll be pairing this one with a classic white button down and cowboy boots.

5. Wear it solo or stack it - this Maya Snake Chain Necklace is a staple in my wardrobe. Plus, for $60, it makes a perfect gift for a friend.

6. Cozy, chic, and charitable. These Eider Shearling Slides are made from memory foam wrapped in leather for a perfect, cloud-like fit. Plus, for each pair of Beeks sold, a day's worth of food is donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank to fight childhood hunger.

7. Staycation, anyone? Not only is the new Thompson Hotel open in downtown Denver, widely acclaimed LA chef Ludo Lefebvre is opening a new French brasserie, Chez Maggy, inside on February 3. Catch me at the bar ordering French onion soup on day one.

8. Handmade in Bend, Oregon by woman-owned Bryar Wolf, these Atlas Cactus Silk Pillows are handwoven from the Sabra cactus plant and dyed in rich, gorgeous hues. Each is one-of-a-kind.

9. I've never been a big bag person - I like to keep my essentials in something I can grab as I'm walking out the door. This Kempton Black Camo Canvas Pouch is the perfect size, and I love the combination of edgy and classic with the camo and stripes.

10. My whole family has a thing for bougie groceries, and this Castillo de Canena Smoked Olive Oil is high on my personal list. Most recently, I used it on thinly sliced tuna with jalapeño, yuzu ponzu, blood orange, and flaky sea salt.

11. A neutral cardigan is a wardrobe staple - pair this Cashmere MJ Watson one with a white tank for daytime or a lacy bralette for a sexy date night look.

12. Simple AND badass. These Leela Grace 14k and diamond lightning hoops are perfect for everyday.

13. Handmade in Mexico City, these Balay Resin Pedestal Bowls make the perfect accent piece for your home. Plus, they are food and dishwasher safe. Make your next dinner party extra special. 


January 2022


  1. Snakes are symbols of rebirth and nothing says sexy new beginnings like these 14K, diamond and emerald babies from LA designer Zofia Day. 


  2. Izanami is one of my favorite restaurants in the west, located at the magical Ten Thousand Waves, which is inspired by the great Japanese hot spring resorts. Small plates, sashimi flown in daily from Japan, broths and teas to soothe the body and soul. You’ll be thinking of this place long after you leave.


  3. Scent maven, Lola James Harper, describes this creation as all wood, dust, and joy. I’m all about the layered, slow burn of patchouli and sandalwood.


  4. Brightland oils are simply the best and brightest I’ve tasted. This smoky, sassy chili oil is no exception. Use it to finish roasted potatoes, grilled fish, pasta dishes and anything in need of a subtle kick.


  5. There are lots of collaborations out there, but this one between the Laundress and Le Labo is a match made in (scent) heaven. In January I’m all about laundering everything in sight: duvet covers, curtains, blankets, and there is nothing like a little Santal 33 or Rose 31 in the air.


  6. The Inn of the Anasazi is at the top of my weekend getaway list. Cozy Kiva fireplaces in the rooms, the best library room to cuddle up with a drink and your favorite person, and a warm, low-key vibe to welcome you back after a day exploring Santa Fe. 


  7. There are no gray days when your head is getting a hand knit hug.

  8. Handmade in Berlin, these mohair sweaters are knitted in one piece, by one person, making each sweater a unique, forever piece.


  9. Badass, timeless, and comfortable, these boots were made for walking.


  10. This one is called the Rough Night Handbag, designed by the ever lovely and stylish Fiona Kempton, and it can handle just about anything you throw in it. It’s a great winter companion to toss in all you need from mittens to your iPad AND it never becomes a black hole because of its unique square shape. 

  11. These coated camel skinny jeans from Hudson are unexpected and easy to dress up or down, tuck into boots now or pair with a white tank and red sandals this spring.


  12. Honoring the beauty of Peru’s indigenous materials and traditional techniques, these dreamy color block pillows are made from cruelty-free alpaca and are inspired by the intricate stone walls of Peru and the sunsets over the Andes.

  1. With notes of caramel, vanilla, and nutmeg, this extra smooth tequila has been rested in oak red wine barrels for 5 years. Cheers!