What's Good : Volume 26 - Haven

What's Good : Volume 26

1. I mean, how could I not put this Radiant Diamond Heart Necklace first on Valentine's Day? 
2. These beautiful new Mamo glasses serve as the perfect vessel for an extra dirty martini or pistachio ice cream after a long day. Pick your poison. 
3. New to the shop are these incredible Far West Robes, created by small batch artisan weaving co-ops in India dedicated to preserving and promoting indigenous weaving and dyeing techniques. Hint, hint @ my bridesmaids. 

4. We sat at the bar at Corrida last Saturday and their new steelhead dish changed my life.  
5. If you've been following us for a while, you know I love a bougie grocery item more than most things. These infused olive oils are delicious AND I love the packaging! 
6. Like snowflakes or fingerprints, no two pairs of these Kilim House Slippers are alike.
7. IDK if there is anything more badass than our friend Julie wearing the Marco Delli Flash Boots to her wedding. Now back in stock!
8. This new Maiami mohair cardi is the perfect weight for spring and the perfect color to go with any and everything in your wardrobe. 
9. This Valentine's Day, get what you really want (which is obviously this silk and chain bracelet from Marie Laure Chamorel) 
10. Back by popular demand: our most sought after Think Royln fanny pack in classic black patent. 
11. A black and white dress with FRINGE? Sign me up. The Frida dress by Ramy Brook is the perfect addition to your spring/summer dress lineup.
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